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Contact management

Customers are going to engage with your business in various ways. Contact data is used for tracking all of the different interactions you have with customers and is very important to your business. 

Contact is the main data, which is used in almost all features, of Realcore system. It comes from multiple sources like import data from CSV, getting from API, form builder or Realportal… Every contact has attributes, such as first namelast name email, phone or anything that can be useful, and defined by yourself. You can access to Data hub > Contacts to manage your contact data

Contact list

This screen displays all of your contacts, there are some functionalities to interact with each contact including: 

  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Manage tags
  • Send an email to this contact

If you want to retrieve a set of contacts with specific conditions you can use the filter function that is a query builder enabling you to search contacts by tags as well as by any fields with some operator like AND, OR, LIKE,…

Add new contact

There are various ways to add new contact, but there are two ways to add contact manually: import contact from csv and use the add contact screen. The add contact screen display all fields that you can input to store your customer information, these fields can be customized via the Contact model feature and categorized to some items on the left panel.

Enrich contact information

In order to enrich your contact information after adding, Realcore provides some special fields that enable you to store any information depending on your business requirement, some of these fields are also used for some reports and analysis features in Realcore:

  • Notes: your notes about this contact
  • Messages: messages you contact sent to you
  • Payment history: contact’s payment history
  • CSAT, NPS, CES: customer experience metrics
  • DNC: special field for Vietnam customers that is synchronized from Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Unsubscribed Email

We will dig into these fields at the below topics.


Adding a note to contact is a helpful way to remember an important detail about the customer. Notes automatically include a date and time when you save them.

You can access contact and click on the Note menu to manage the contact’s notes.

You can click on the + button to add a new note that requires inputting title and body.

You can also add notes to contact automatically via a node in our Scenario feature.


If your customers send messages to you, you can use this field to store this kind of information by clicking on the Messages menu.

To add a new message you also need to input title and body.
There is also a node in Scenario that allows you to add a message to a contact.
Payment history
Payment history is the record of all your customer’s past payments. You can click on the Payment history menu to manage the contact’s payment history.
To add new payment history, click on the + button.
Payment history can also be added with a node supported by Scenario.
These fields enable you to capture customer feedback across all relevant channels.
  • NPS is a survey that is used to capture customers how likely they are to recommend your products, services, or brand to other people. It is a 1-10 scale, with 10 being “Very Likely” and 1 being “Very Unlikely.”
  • CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction Score like the name implies – is a metric that directly measures customer satisfaction levels in the 1-5. 
  • CES stands for Customer Effort Score. A good CES definition outlines it as a metric that’s used to measure customer satisfaction levels by focusing on the efforts customers make to interact with your business’ services and products.

Moreover, these fields are integrated with Realcore’s form builder feature that allows building a web form feedback inside Realcore platform like the below one.

These fields will be summarized and displayed on the Realcore CX dashboards that are the most advanced analytics platform for CX measurement by accessing Analysis -> Statistics-> Customer Satisfaction
Do not call
This is a special field for Vietnam customers that is synchronized with the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications to know if the contact wants to receive advertising messages, advertising calls or not based on his/her phone number (
This field does not allow updating manually. Whenever a phone number registers to the above website, it will be sent to Realcore as well, then we will retrieve the contact match with this phone number and mark their DNC to be TRUE automatically. Therefore, you can know which contacts should or should not send emails to.
Unsubscribed email
This field indicates if the contact is unsubscribed email or not. Like other fields, you can set this field manually, API call, or any channels. 
Realcore’s email broadcast feature integrates this field to enable you to create an unsubscribe link. You can add unsubscribe link to anyplace inside your email content by creating a link with a special URL is [unsubscribeLink]. You can refer email broadcast feature for more detail.

Contact activities
Contact activities display all events relating to this contact including:
  • Updating contact
  • Sending an email
  • Opening an email
  • Clicking an email
  • Creating task
  • Completing task
  • Removing tag
  • Adding tag
  • Adding note
  • Adding message
  • Adding payment history